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Support For Business After Covid-19

With restrictions being put in place limiting the number of people able to be on the premises as well as now needing to record who has been on the premises for track and trace we need to rethink the way we do business and reinvent ourselves to reflect society after lockdown.

Digital solutions can greatly help with this. We can use technology to ensure we don't have to wait in long queues waiting to be served or we can book a seat or table in advance so we know we are able to get into a coffee shop for instance, meeting friends or family.

When choosing where to go, customers are more likely to go somewhere where changes have been made.


With the government app failing it is increasingly looking like responsability will be falling to business owners to record who has visited the premises.

With this in mind, we have released itracktrace.co.uk which provides you with an easy way to capture this data, whether it be asking the customer to fill in these details on their own device, provide a touch screen or a member of staff capture the required details.

Voice Activated Screening

Do not put staff at undue risk screening visitors, customers or pupils, have a safe voice activated screen do the job for you.

Having a fever or temperature is only one of the known symptoms, increase the success of your screening to include other recommended questions as asked by the screen in the video.

Bespoke questions and instructions also available.

COVID-19 Screening

Voice Activated Visitor Management & Hospitality Ordering Screens

Book visitors in and out without touching the screen or pre-registration

Quicker, inclusive, safer, the new voice activated management system enables visitors to book in using their voice alone. Visitors and staff can now book into a premises at pinch points without touching the screen further reducing risk.

Voice Activated VMS - Ordering

Easy Order Station

An easy to operate system. The customer has a choice of either telling the screen their order (through speech) meaning minimal contact or can select their items/order by selecting on screen.

Once ordered, they can return to their table and wait for the order or a separate screen showing progress of the order can show when they should come to the counter to collect and pay.

Coffee Shop/Pub Ordering

Table or Seat Booking

When planning to meet friends or family, knowing they can get a 'table' is going to provide them with the confidence they can come to your establishment.

Customers can book from the comfort of their own home/smart phone or tablet.

Special events can also be included which may be a 'Grand Re-Opening' or live music, quizzes or sporting event.

Booking Solutions

Class Drop off/Pick up Booking

Designed to support schools but can also be adapted for golf clubs or any other organisation that requires staggered drop off (arrival) or pick up times.

On the return of some pupils to primary school after Corona virus (COVID-19), only 15 are able to be in the classroom at any given time. Drop off and pick ups need to be staggered, some parents may not send their kids back, how are we going to manage that! This system staggers drop offs and collection and ensures only 15 places are taken. Parents and guardians can book their child into school on any given date and the school can see who they are expecting and when!

Arrival Booking

Speech Recognition / Contactless

As people are more aware of touching items, using voice to record their details is going to be increasingly important.

Bespoke solutions can be designed for you, including feedback screens or visitor management as well as contact free member book in/out systems as demonstrated below.

Membership System

Speech - For Visually Impaired

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